The China NFT

5888 / 888 / 88

5888 PFP (Sold Out) 888 AI Cities (Coming Soon)

Collection(s) of 5888 pfp, 888 AI cities and 88 Unique Art. A social commentary and sarcastic take on the punk derivatives and the notion of #maxbidding without consideration of regimes being supported. We celebrate China, its people, its culture.

The China! brand will evolve into a collection of 88 with ownership transferred to holders.

PREMINT END 2022-07-24

FREE MINT 2022-07-25

888 Cities PREMINT 2022-08-08

888 Cities FREE MINT 2022-08-28

88 Uniques DROP 2022-09-15

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PREMINT END 2022-07-24

The CHINA Collection


What if "The China" was better? A project presented as an anti-thesis to maxbidding and the 100s of rehashed pfp projects. Better memes, better pfps. Free access to everyone already holding NFTs. Free mint for others.

There are 5888 pfps with various backgrounds, and traits. We will feature both male and female characters. Characters with bitcoin, ethereum or the mining axe will be rarer. The initial collection will be followed up with 888 NFTs of Chinese cities imagined in AI art.

The last 88 drop is a secret for now but the entire project ownership transfers to them at concolusion.

How it Works

How it Works

The CHINA NFT collection is unique in a few ways. Holders can "upgrade" their status with the number of NFTs they hold. As they progress to the coveted 88 they will accrue value.

Step 01
Discord & Premint

The first step to enter the forbidden palace is to join our discord, get the correct role and register for premint when we announce it.

Step 02
Connect Your Wallet

On mint day, connect your wallet and mint. If you registered via pre-mint, you will be able to mint the number you are eligible for. FREE MINT.

Step 03
Sell or Swap

The NFTs will be revealed instantly once the minting is completed and you can trade them on OpenSea and other platforms.

Step 04

Sit back, relax, set your profile pictures to your new pfp and wait for the next drops. The longer you hold, the more points you receive to enter the next collection rounds.

Explore the PFP collection

Pixel Art Perfection

Find your unique pfp. Featuring both male and female characters and various traits. The bitcoin traits are the rarest. Background, accessories, hats, what will you get? The cityscapes featured on our website are from the secondary collection, available only to holders.

Our Roadmap

Our Roadmap

The China NFT is your first step to our world. While we cannot tell you much more about what happens when the 88 collection drops, the team behind this is also working on a Major NFT project due early 2023. Sit back and experience a dynasty in making. After we drop this sick pixel art, we aim to change how NFTs are used forever.

The Plan




Drop 5888 pfps to our community. Build community and partnerships.




Drop 888 cityscapes imagined in AI. Featuring the top cities of China. A collection worth of museums.




Drop 88 unique 1 of 1 art to our most loyal community members and partners. A collection that opens up access to everyting that comes next.




Launch a new standard for NFTs which combines art and appreciation. Sssh! We can't say more. You need to be a party to experience it.


Frequently Asked Questions

The China NFT project is a celebration of Chinese influence in crypto. It is not meant to offend anyone and will serve as a keeper of meme history.

What are the objectives of this NFT?

We got sick of watching low effort pixel pfps. We wanted to drop high quality art, which everyone can buy, hold and display on their profiles. We think China will be a massive player in NFTs and we want to kick that off.

How much does it cost to mint?

All our drops, the first one and subsequent ones will ALWAYS remain free. The team built this out of pocket and will keep building it because our end game is to tie this project with another one. You will however need to pay network gas fees.

What are the server roles?

To make the distribution fair. Our discord is divided into a few roles. High Society role allows 2 mints per wallet/role. The "Good Social Credit" score allows you to mint 1.

How can I get involved?

Join our discord and talk to the friendly Shaolin Monks. They will guide you.

Our Team

Awesome Team

The team behind the project has been in the space since 2013 and has lived through a lot of the memes. A combination of NFT collectors, traders and coders. We've collectively lived through everything that has happened in this space.

Tony MA

Senior Dev & Degen Gambler

Chairman Wu

Art & Whip

General Zhao

Dev & Logistics


Community & Marketing

Chairman CZ

Partnerships & Community

Shifu Ko

Personnel & Security